Avanza Rental

toyota avanza baru depan

Avanza Rental | The Toyota Avanza is the most successful Toyota products in Indonesia. Its shape is slender, the room in the cabin is spacious, fit 7 passengers and fuel consumption is the key to the success of this car, so since its launch in 2004 to the present day continues to be the best selling car in Indonesia.

Toyota Avanza suited to the needs of rental cars daily, monthly or yearly. Because the car is quite comfortable to carry 7 to 8 adult passengers without having to worry about being a tropical temperature Jakarta very hot during the day due to the Toyota Avanza has been equipped with double blower AC located in the 2nd row passengers, so that the passengers on the last line would still be comfortable without being disturbed weather especially during the heat of the day.

Toyota Avanza has 2 options engine that famous for very economical and powerful engine. The first generation engine which has a capacity of 1,300 cc vvt-i is the most famous for easy maintenance and fuel consumption, and 1,500 cc engine which was famously powered but still save money on fuel. With 2 engine option, you don’t have to worry if travelling out of town with the Toyota Avanza, its uphill and accelerate proven since 2004 and it is not rare to find Toyota Avanza used to travel out of town at high speed.

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