Camry Rental

camry baru depan

The figure of luxury cars from Japan is already familiar to drivers who often drive in Jakarta. Toyota Camry is cars that do not have to doubt its quality, luxury and prestige as it is commonly used by the Director, top businessmen and Ministers in the Cabinet United Indonesia.

Toyota Camry has two engine options, efficient engine powered with 4 cylinder capacity of 2,400 cc and the engine is tremendous, but silent with a 6-cylinder V configuration and have capacity 3500 cc coupled with dual VVT-i technology. This engine option giving a considerable distance between the two cars. If the engine choice at a price of 2,400 cc priced 498 million Rupiah, Camry-3500 cc priced at 658 million Rupiah. So it looks a quite significant difference amounting to 160 million Rupiah.

Surely as a luxury car, Toyota Camry equipped with cutting-edge equipment that will make your trip as comfortable and enjoyable, provided security features-art such as ABS, EBD, BA on incubation, VSC to maneuver the sharper especially on wet roads, and don’t forget the Airbags in the front to the side door of the driver to prevent a concussion in the event of an accident.

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